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R&D Team of Konkuk Milk is performing research and developing new products under goal of providi ng our customers with happiness and health. Konkuk Milk, which is leading the livestock industry, with the base of livestock college, is trying very best to cooperate with not only Animal Resource Research Center but also with other universities, venture companies, to put our pride, ONLY ONE and PERFET NEW CONCEPT into the products and also provide customer & research oriented products R&D of Konkuk Milk is trying best on research and product development to reach the goal of providing products with proper foundation

Since 1991 when Dr. You Milk, which had been upgraded with first grade milk ingredients, was launched, it has been recognized as Korea’s best quality milk by customers and this shows our passion for maintaing good quality.

You can drink milk with effect of drinking yogurt as we have strengthened in iron and lactic ferments which are difficult to be enriched in milk because of it’s possibility in spoiling the taste of Milk. And “Iron Milk, The keul” shows technology of Konkuk Milk as it proved its effectiveness for those who are not used to drinking milk and pregnant women can also enjoy drinking milk.

“Dr. Fiber 4500” which was launched recently, contents fiber and chicory per 4,500mg to strengthen 정장작용 of lactic ferments and evacuation function. And it proved through the experiment that it is effective in relieving constipation and it achieved special license on this and this also shows it’s technology.

Also, we launched “Pocket Milk” which was produced under moto of cup of milk in pocket, And this made more customers to take the advantage of achieving milk nutrition and we are trying our best to provide various products. We follow market needs and devote ourselves in research and producing products with “ONLY ONE” and “PERFECT NEW” concept with passion and technology.