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We conduct milking 2 times a day and we keep milk under 5 ℃ at refrigerator.
To provide fresh milk we wash cattle before milking and so that cattle do not get infected while milking.
After using an antibiotic substance or medicine we check whether there are any remaining with the company and after getting confirmation we deliver milk.
After receiving milk from each ranch, we grade sample and we pay the fees according to the grades
Inspection detail for the ranches.
Milk substances Examinations- more than 4 times/a month(everyday at Doctor Milk)
Bacteriological Examination - 4 times/a month(everday at Doctor Milk)
Antibiotic Substance Examination - more than 2 times/ a week.
Neutralization - When necessary.
Thermostable bacillus examination(Dr. You)- Aug ~ Oct(everyday), Nov~ April(once/week)

Tanklori is a vehicle which delivers milk from ranch to milk factory. And to keep the milk fresh as it is, it has facility to keep warm and cold and also after receiving milk we clean the inside of the vehicle with CIP(Clean In Place).
We do simple examination to test freshness and condition and after examination we receive only those without any problem.
Disqualified raw milk are mostly rancidity, or abnormal milk(colostral milk(colostrums), milk with blood, abnormal milk), the smell of a cowshed(cow house) or unfit sample at sensory evaluation test and in this case we do not collect disqualified milk.
Received Milk Inspection Categories and Period are following.
Alcohol, specific gravity, sensory evaluation, temperature, Examination - Examination per Receive
sediment examination - Whenever necessary.

Before vehicle, which has received raw milk, delivers the milk to the factory we inspect whether it is qualified to reception and then wee start reception.
As we cannot use experimental tool for the Inspection before receiving milk, we start examination more specifically after it is delivered to factory.

Antibiotic Substance Inspection - Parallux, Eclipse, TTCⅡ
physicochemistry Inspection - Temperature, acidity, Alcohol Inspection
sensory evaluation Inspection - bad tasty, off flavour
water addition test Inspection - ice point Test
milk compent and somatic Cell - Fat, SNF, SCC
Bacillus Inspection - General Bacillus, heat resistant bacillus(Dr. You)