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Product Introduction
"PocketMilk" is good for your bones and also family take that you can drink wherever you want.It contains high calcium for those who get bowel trouble after drinking milk and for helping children's growth. Pocket Milk, which is good for you bones, can be taken on the way to work, school and during free time and it is the most well-absorbed drink.

- A product made through vacuum condensation of raw ranch milk
- Containing rich nutrients taken from first class raw milk, this product was newly born hygienically for ease of use. This product remains fresh even in long term preservation for 6 months, and is easy for drinking.

Pocket Milk Kids is milk based chewable tablets, fortifiedColostrum, Calcuim, Xylitol and Vitamin D3
- Colostrum helps improve immune health
- Amount of Calcuim in Pocket milk Kids 4 tablets equals that of in a glass of milk (180mL)
- Fiber helps maintain bowel health
- Xylitol helps prevent tooth decay
- No artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives