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Neat and fresh apple juice that contains genuine apple grains

- A valuable ocean deep water raised from within the deep sea in front of the god-sent Goseong Country of Gangwon-do province
- Contains rich ingredients of inorganic minerals like calcium and potassium as well as magnesium which are hardly taken in during daily life.

Vegetable Balance (Pure-Red) - Fresh vegetable and fruit 360g
- Italian organic tomato, Jeju Mandarin, apple, mango, broccoli, kale, sweet pumpkin etc.
- Acerora extract which is high in vitamin C more than 65 times from orange
- Recommended daily requirements of vitaminC 150mg per a pack
- No sugar, food coloring, preservatives, sweetner

Vegetable Balance (Beauty- Purple) - Blueberry which is great source of antioxidants
- Organic acai berry knowned for a superfood from Amazon (21 time higher antioxidative activity more than blueberry)
- 3 fruits and 12 kinds of vegetable and 12 berrys in a pack - Collagen peptide for your healthy skin
- Hyaluronic acid helps keep your skin moist and agile - Dietary fiber 200mg
- No sugar, food coloring, preservatives, sweetner