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- Chocolate milk that grew further denser on top of Korea’s Domestic craw milk
- Well-being chocolate milk that grew much denser with the addition of vitamin E
- A low fat well-being chocolate milk that enhanced taste by using fructose or oligosaccharide instead of sugar in the production process

- Strawberry juice milk that contains fresh strawberry juice in Korean domestic milk
- Low fat well-being strawberry milk designed for bones with the addition of calcium and vitamin D3 unlike other common strawberry milks
- Low fat(no more than 2% fat) that enhanced taste with fructose or oligosaccharide instead of sugar in the production process

It is made of 1st grade milk, Korean black Soybean, Black rice, black Sesame, and 7 kinds of cereals. It is high calcium cereal milk which contains vitamin D3 and calcium to prevent from osteoporosis. It lessened in milk content and added more of all kinds of cereals, beans and calcium, etc for those who cannot digest milk very well. I contains 7 kinds of cereals(brown rice, glutinous rice, hulled millet, rye, dura, millet, glutinous millet) and it can be substituted for breakfast.It contains calcium more(211mg/180ml) than milk and supplements good and insufficient part of milk. (Prevention from Osteoporosis) By containing 100% pure Korean Beans and organic brown rice we provide the products save from environmental pollution.

A coffee milk that contains Brazilian coffee extracts on top of the smooth fresh Korean domestic raw milk