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Grade 1A milk (top grade based on bacterial, somatic cell count) 50 years heritage of original milk taste AT(Absolute Taste Technology) makes milk more tasty and fresh

Dr. You Milk has a motto of best quality milk. Dr. You milk has been evolving Based on business and academic cooperation with Konkuk University with Constant feeding management, pasteurization of a low temperature, bacterialcount management.

This milk is high calcium milk with high calorie by adding more calcium, Milk Cream and first grade milk. And this milk can be suitable in providing energy.Also it contains A, B1, which are good in preventing night blindness and beriberi, D3, which is helpful in absorbing calcium and it is also strengthened Nicotinic-acid Amide

This milk is tasty and especially produced for kids as it is made of first grade milk containing all the essential nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin, C.G.F(Chlorella Growth Factor) and etc.It contains abundant essential calcium and iron which are important to children's growth, and prevents from anemia. It also contains DHA which is good for brain improvement and this can help your children to improve in academic ability.Also it contains Vitamin A, B1, D3, E and nicotinic acid amide which are good for children's teeth, bones, eye-sights, and also abundant in Zn which will improve children's growth and immunity.

This is high quality milk which is enriched with 9 kinds of necessary vitamin to health and used of 1st grade milk following well-being trend.With excellent physiological activation of 9 kinds of vitamins, it is beneficial milk to various people covering those in growing stage, adolescence, grown-ups, and elders.Sweet savory taste and up-graded konkuk milk is the original taste of konkuk milk.

- Fat free milk
- CLA helps reduce body fat
- 1.5 time higher Calcium than natural milk
- Fiber helps bowel movement
- Vitamin A, Vitamin D3

- A milk that contains vegetable omega 3 which is converted to DHA and EPA in the body the substances knowm to supply nutrition to brain and eyes
- Produced with raw milk of first class A the top class for raw milk

By using metabolism of Dairy Cattle, it strengthened the anti-cancer substance, CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acid) naturally and directly in the cattle. It is the korea's only milk produced by in cooperation with konkuk livestock studies and cooperations. It prevents from carcinogenesism hardening of the arteries and efficient in diet, drop of cholesterol, raise of immunity.

Our organic milk comes from cows grazing on farms chosen for their high standards of premium milk quality and animal welfare. Our milk is produced on carefully chosen clean farms in KangWon province and certified IFOAM.
- IFOAM cerfified milk (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements)
- Organic farming circulation, organic feed
- Provision from clean farms in Kangwon province
- Certified Farm HACCP and factory HACCP
- The higher standard of 1A grade milk

- Fresh, clean milk from the most sanitary farms, all farms have antibiotics farm certifications and HACCP certification
- It is made of the finest grade raw milk, 6 times cleaner than grade 1A raw milk selected by the most sanitary farm specification
- UHT sterilized milk (2 seconds over 130 centigrade)
- High quality nipple to fit on the PET bottle makes the best milk with practicality and convenience (nipple for 1~3 year old baby)
- Milk PET bottle is securely sealed with thick paper and whole to put straw directly to feed kids, no worries for spilling milk

This is a long shelf life sterile milk into sterilized.
- easy to keep a long shelf life.
- The best snacks for children.

Probiotics Milk Balance
- Grade 1A milk
- Nutritional balance!