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  • Step. 1Raw milk collection
    Collect raw milk from selected farms and transfer it to the factory quickly.
  • Step. 2Cleanness
    Remove impurities from raw milk
  • Step. 3Storage
    Storage raw milk that has been cleaned and checked for impurities.
  • Step. 4mix
    Mix milk with other raw materials
  • Step. 5Sterilization / cooling
    Cooling milk at the optimum temperature for well cultivation of lactobacillus
  • Step. 6-ACultivation
    Add lactobacillus and ferment at optimal temperature and time.
  • Step. 6-BFruits extract sterilization
    Mix and sterilize Fruits extract and oligosaccharides
  • Step. 7Homogeneous
    Homogenize to soften yoghurt
  • Step. 8Filling
    Fill the package with yoghurt in clean zone
  • Step. 9Delivering
    Deliver products freshly and safely