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Raw milk and materials
1. Raw milk and materials: Package and materials of General Milk, HealthPlus Milk, Dr. You, Campus additives(DHA, Calcium, etc…), Academy Additive(heavy cream, Calcium, etc…), Package Material
We do inspection with received raw milk from the farm for temperature, acidity test, antibiotics test, total bacterial count, heat resistant bacterial count etc.
Only those milk which got approved after inspection are delivered
Air Remove
It removes the bubble from the raw milk by Air remover.
We first filter dirt from raw milk with duplicated filters
Raw milk is cooled to 1~4℃
Buffer keeping
After inspection, filtered and cooled raw milk is stored in the buffer tank to below 5 ℃. Usually general raw milk is kept in buffer tank only once but Dr. You is kept in buffer tank twice. HealthPlus raw milk is excluded
General raw milk and filtered and cooled health raw milk are immaculated by immaculate machine to 5,120RPM
After immaculacy milk is kept and cooled in a tank to 7℃
General Academy Campus milk is heated to 135℃for 2 seconds and HealthPlus Milk is heated to 80℃for 2 seconds and Doctor Yoo is heated to 65℃for 30 seconds
Pasteurizing milk is homogenized over 130 bar
Pasteurized milk is cooled to 4℃ and delivered to storage tank
Storing Products
Pasteurized milk is stored in storage tank and stored milk is kept at 4℃and inspection is conducted by temperature, SNF, Fat, etc.
Charging Filler
While stored milk is moved to three carton charger of 200ml, three carton charger of 500ml, one carton charger of 1000ml respectively
Automatic Box Packing
Milk is packed automatically in a box by its quantities and loaded by 5 bundles
Deliver to Automatic Cooling Storage
It is automatically delivered to Storage lane by 유나터아저 및 transfer car
Kept Cooling
Loaded milk are kept to below 10℃
Shipment, Circulation
Selected by production time and shipped through the car.
Distributing Agency
a distributing agency: Milk delivered from milk processing facilities to cold storage warehouse by a refrigerator car is kept under 10℃ and fresh milk is delivered to customer
packing materials
inspected the ingredient is kept in a storage
Quality Management Team decided whether to return and keep after inspection according to the inspection regulation
Approved DHA, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin, Package materials etc are kept at material storage and freezing-storage.