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That is why mankind cannot live without Milk and is the most important
nutrition for children as well as calcium-supply for preventing from osteoporosis
for elders.

Since KonKuk University had established milk processing facilities and provided milk to led Dairy Farm in Korea and improve citizens' health , with the help of KonKuk family we have been developed in both quantity and quality. And now we can produce everyday not only general milk but also various kinds like "Dr. You milk", "Drinking Yogurt" etc.

Konkuk Milk has built 300 ton-production line of high tech dairy product factory and provides milk any place at any time customers require it. With the thought of "Customers are our reason for existence and source of life", we will consistently activate our customer oriented management so that our customers can keep on using our product and also attract new customers.

Thank You.

President of KONKUK University KONKUK DAIRY&HAM Industry